THE GOVERNOR’S WIFE by Michael Harvey Reviewed

Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey’s Michael Kelly series has become a favorite and his newest cement’s the deal for me.
It’s been two years since Governor Ray Perry disappeared after his sentencing hearing. When Kelly gets an anonymous call followed by a large but anonymous check asking him to find out what happened to the former Governor he begins to dig beyond the stale and all too familiar Chi-Town headlines and delve into a case that cannot be what it seems.
At the center of the case is Marie Perry, the Governor’s wife. Was she a co-conspirator in his escape or a party to his murder? Kelly’s certain there’s more to the story than meets his eyes and so are the men watching his progress while he attempts to get to the truth of the matter.
Watch out, Harvey excels at developing visiting characters and it won’t be long before you care far less about what happened to the Governor and more about the life and times of Marie Perry.
Ruth Jordan