grantchester2GRANTCHESTER Complete Second Season

We loved the first season of Granchester and so we could not wait to sit down with this DVD set. Reverend Sidney Chambers (James Norton and Inspector Goerdie Keating (Robson Green) are such an unlikely but prefect team-up for solving mysteries. They complement each other so well in personality and action.

Season two opens with 1954 Grantchester being a pretty happy place. Sidney and Geordie seem to be in good place and so it’s only natural that something would happen to throw a wrench into this. A case comes along that has ongoing consequences though out the season. A girl is found dead, she’s under age and as more and more is discovered in the case it looks worse and worse. Abuse, a porn ring and just really sad circumstances make this an emotional case. Sidney is trying to help and give people comfort. Goerdie wants to put the bad guys where they belong. Their different approaches to this brings the two friends to a point where working together may become impossible.

Along the course of these ongoing story a number of other cases come along and they find a way to work around their problems. Along with solving crimes Sidney is being undermined by the church and someone above him wants him out.

grantThe mysteries themselves are solid and watching them get solved is a treat, but what really makes this show so good is of course the characters. Our leads and their relationship are given more depth this season and while being tested their friendship comes through stronger. We also get a much better feel for the other characters and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’ve been a fan of Robson Green for a long time but I truly think this may be the best thing he’s done to date and that is saying a lot because I loved him in WIRE IN THE BLOOD.

Mystery! Has always made great television and while I miss some of the shows that aren’t made anymore having shows like this will keep me excited and watching for a long time to come.

Jon Jordan



360 minutes on two discs

DVD $39.99 and Blu=ray $49.99 suggested retail