This is a review I whipped together for a local book store. It was really a great book and I’ll do a more in depth review for Crimespree

Jean-Christophe Grange’
ECCO (imprint of Harper Collins)

Wow. This was an amazing book. Translated from the original French by Ian Monk.

The story opens in Paris, a serial killer is targeting and torturing Turkish woman. The officer in charge brings in an older cop, who left under a cloud of scandal, to help out due to his expertise in the Turkish community.

At the same time the wife of a public official fears she may be going crazy. She has trouble remembering faces and people. But there is much more to the story than she knows. It looks like there might be an actual conspiracy behind her illness, if that is truly what it is.

The two stories come together and the pace of the book quickens. Nobody is what they appear to be.It might not be a serial killer on the loose, Anna may not be Mrs. Heymes, respected wife, and Retired officer Schiffer might not be the misunderstood cop he lets on to be…..

Tight and fast this is not a simple thriller, but a journey…. a journey into memory and the past, but it’s a journey being taken on an accelerated pace. Outstanding book!

One of Grange’s previous works, BLOOD-RED RIVERS, was turned into a wonderful movie starring Jean Reno called The Crimson Rivers

Here’s the French cover-