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Gregg Hurwitz contunues global conquest.

Novelist/comic-book writer/television producer Gregg Hurwitz is eying a new profession: Film screenwriter.

Despite having written ten novels (including THEY’RE WATCHNG, THE PROGRAM and DO NO HARM), a number of comics (MOONKNIGHT, WOLVERINE, THE PUNISHER, FOOLKILLER, SAVAGE AXE OF ARIES) and acting as a consulting producer on ABC’s V, Gregg had some time to kill and decided to write a screenplay.

The screenplay, entitled Expulsion, has been purchased by Warner Brothers and tells the story of a group of humans looking to survive on a new planet after Earth goes boom.

I’m really excited to be working with Warner Bros on Expulsion” Gregg told me, “It’s definitely the biggest screenplay I’ve written — a huge sci-fi script where I blow up Earth in the first act and launch a band of humans to a new planet. I have a great producer in Brad Weston and we are digging in and trying to move the ball forward toward a green light.”

Brad Weston recently purchased the film rights to TOWER, the killer novel by Reed Coleman and Ken Bruen. He also was a producer on BAD SANTA and is working the FOOTLOOSE remake as well as the absurd film of the MAGIC 8-BALL toy and SIN CITY 2…if it ever happens.

No word as to whether or not Gregg is looking into writing any plays or songs.