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Gregg Hurwitz is now officially a comics writer

Just picked up the Wolverine Annual with The Death Song Of J. Patrick Smitty written by Gregg Hurwitz. It’s a crime fiction tale with Wolverine in it. The story of a loser who has continuing bad luck. He ultimatley ends up on the wrong side of Wolverine and it’s a combination of flashbacks of how he got there and present day Wolverine coming for him. Great story and the art from Marcelo Frusin fit it perfectly. Some of the best Wolverine I’ve read in a while.

The MAX sampler is also out with a preview of the Foolkiller from Hurwitz. It looks great. Mini interview is also good stuff. Also included, preview of Duane Swierzinski’s Punisher Annual and an interview.

Some of my favorite crime fiction guys writing some of my favorite comics characters.

Life is good.