Guilty Pleasures: Lee Crawford

Ok folks, it is time for Patrick Swayze’s second appearance on GP. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. One could say that clearly his films have a spot in the hearts of the Crimespree family, but they are being considered guilty pleasures.



Had I known the conversation would lead to work(WORK!!!!) I may have changed the subject. I used to be better at keeping my mouth shut.

The subject is (was) Cinamatic guilty pleasures and while I have many to choose from, this will be Roadhouse (MGM 1989) The Patrick Swayze epic. It’s a modern day Western of the gunslinger who cleans up the very bad town except it’s a Bouncer and a very bad bar (then the town). And therein lies the attraction. All men think; ‘I could do that’. That is if I wasn’t fat, sedentaty and hit like an anemic Girl Scout.

I have mentioned before that most men think they are born knowing how to shoot a gun, play poker, make love, and drive fast. Fate delights in showing us this is not true and furthermore we stink at a lot of other things as well.

Films like this balance the ledger for a bit. Level the field for and hour or so. We’re no longer the everyday Doofus, we’re THAT GUY. Psychic house cleaning. If I’m feeling put upon Swayze’s Dalton persona kicks some behind for my by proxy. It can be very satisfying.

It’s been done countless times before and better but just because I prefer a good Cognac doesn’t mean I won’t share a cheap bottle of Sneaky Pete out of a paper bag with an old friend on the street. It all depends.

Lee Crawford (aka The Geez) is a hard-boiled soul. He grew up on the mean streets of Minneapolis and headed to New York for bigger and better things (Ok, Syracuse, but it is still IN New York). Like a prodigal son, he eventually returned home. He has stared Death in the eye and laughed (Well, more of a chuckle really…politely so as not to offend). In addition to being an occasional contributor to Crimespree. he, like any proper Hard-boiled fellow,he enjoys a bit o’ the spirits and has been known to pick up a guitar and caterwaul. He enjoys films and the works of Lee Child, John D. MacDonald and Roger Zelazny.