Hacktivist #1
Achaia Comics

It’s something we could all use. It’s definitely something we all want. A social network that’s totally unhackable. YourLife is the way to connect to everyone that is revolutionizing the entire world. Two brilliant young men have created this all for us. So we can be in together even just online. Ed Hiccox and Nate Graft are the minds that have broken crafted this incredible system. Beyond the shareholders and “likes” they are Hacktivists. People who use their considerable knowledge and technology to create uprisings. They are the good guys behind a glowing computer screen changing the world. But no matter how hidden you are, there’s always someone that might know more about you than you think.

This is going to be a big story. Writers Collin Kelly, Jack Lanzing and Alyssa Milano (yes, that Alyssa Milano) have crafted a strong beginning to what will be an incredible book. It reads like a movie. The opening is a show of power. In a war torn country a few people are trying to save someone of great importance. All they need to do is connect to sve_Urs3lf. The hacker extraordinaire. We see what people can do to save the world. It might not solve everything this instant but it’s a huge step in the right direction. It all comes together as the writers introduce the protagonists. An odd couple if there ever were one, they are the best of friends. We get to see their personality as the story progresses. Who they are is part of the story. The writers weave character development and plot together perfectly in this part one. They give an ending more than able to pull us back for issue two. The future is strong with this book.

Marcus To has been a fan favorite artist for quite a while. He has a style that pops and moves. When all together he knows the pacing of the story and brings even more layers to the already good building first part. “Hacktivist” is going to be one of those books that people in the know talk about until it catches fire mainstream. Which it will. There’s going to be a lot to this book and you should be along for it all.