Half Past Danger #1 with Kate (and Dan)

::Kate walks into the living room, sees Dan surrounded by comics, looking bored and just plain not happy::

K: S’up, dude?

D: Eh.

K: You ok? Are you sick? What’s wrong, Dan? Do you need aspirin? Chicken soup?

D: No, I’m not sick. I…

K: Did you take something? If you’re sick, you need to take something.

D: No! I’m not sick, you yenta. I’m bored. These comics are all from my last run to the comic shop and they’re all the same. Just grim, depressing books. Where are the FUN comics? Depressing stuff bores me. And being bored with comics is the worst thing EVER!

K: Hold up, Mopey Smurf. You still have another book in your bag. ::pulls out HALF PAST DANGER::

D: Hmmm… Dinosaurs, Nazis, and a femme fatale?

K: How could THAT be boring?

K&D: ::reading HALF PAST DANGER:: Oh! Whoa! Ouch!

D: Ouch? What, paper cut?

K: No, dude became a dinosaur snack.

D: Ouch indeed.

K: Still bored after reading HALF PAST DANGER?

D: Hell, no! It was a book that totally lived up to its cover. Dinosaurs, Nazis, and a femme fatale! The book opens with US soldiers who stumble upon a Nazi camp while on patrol in the South Pacific during WWII. Their investigation into the camp leads them deeper into the jungle and then…


D: You know you should be cheering for the soldiers, not the dinosaurs, right?

K: JURASSIC PARK FOREVER!!!! Do you think the Nazi’s had some crazy mad scientist grow these dinosaurs from amber jewelry just like the crazy scientist did in the movie? I wonder if I could create my own dinosaurs by melting down the amber jewelry you got me for our anniversary? ::runs to jewelry box::

D: Come back here! For someone who has a degree in science, you have a very loose hold on how the science really works. Besides, your jewelry says “made in China” on the back. I don’t think there’s any dino DNA in it.

K: ::runs back into living room:: Never mind. And since when do you buy me plastic jewelry? Also, the house smells like burning plastic now.

D: ::sighs:: Writer, artist, and inker Stephen Mooney doesn’t explain why, or how, the Nazi camp is surrounded by dinosaurs. All we know is that Staff Sergeant Tommy Flynn avoids becoming a…


D: And his battle with the Thunder Lizards leads him right to a bar stool in New York. This is where the femme fatale comes in. The lady British intelligence agent and her partner Noble want to chat with our hero Tommy “Irish” Flynn.

K: That conversation gets a little rough. Sergeant Flynn may have avoided becoming a dinosaur snack, but he can’t avoid being thrown through a bar window! And then…! And then…! And then…!

D: Hold up there, Red. You’re starting to get a little over excited. Sit down for a sec and check out the highlight of HALF PAST DANGER.

PAGE 20.

K: Yeah?

D: Yeah. This page is pure sequential storytelling. Here, our boy Flynn is launched through a bar window, bums a smoke from an alley dwelling gentleman wearing one shoe, and marches back into the bar. It’s perfect storytelling that draws your eye exactly where you need to look. Mooney scripts an action packed story, to be sure, but he can also choreograph an action sequence like nobody’s business.

K: Meanwhile, back inside the bar, our femme fatale is trying to order a Pimms, and avoiding trouble with a steely stare… ::stares at Dan. Dan wets pants::

D: So Flynn wakes up after the fight, surrounded by his new “friends.” Dollars to donuts they’re going back to Dino Island.


D: I don’t think Flynn will be a wafer-thin dino-snack. But I do think I found my new favorite comic book. Hey, do you know what time it is?