HAP & LEONARD’s east Texas will be Baton Rouge

In one of the strangest moves I can recall, Baton Rouge will stand in for East Texas for the upcoming HAP & LEONARD series for the Sundance Channel.

The series is based on the books of Joe Lansdale and features a pair of unlikely friends: Hap is blue collar and went to prison for refusing to go to Vietnam, Leonard is an aggressive, gay African-American Vietnam vet. Despite their differences, each would give their life for the other and have the skills needed to survive the violent messes they often find themselves in. The books are set in East Texas in the mid 80s.

This news comes from the office of Baton Rouge Mayor-President(?) Kip Holden.

Jim Mickle will direct, write and produce the series. He is accompanied by Nick Damici, who worked with Jim on COLD IN JULY, a very cool film that is based on another of Joe’s novels. If all goes well, filming will begin later this year on a seven episode first season.