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Each year, we are asked to give thanks on this special day. Just what one should be giving thanks for is really an individual choice. The most obvious is that people came to the new world and established what would ultimately become the United States of America. This year, I find myself thinking about the people in my life and the experiences that have shaped my perception of the world around me.

Last Sunday, I lost a dear friend in Lee Crawford. At age 45, I certainly have experienced my share of loss, but this was the first of my close adult friends to pass away. After the pain of loss, I found myself recalling experiences we shared: the events, inane conversations, debates about music, film, food…all of the every things that are part of a friendship. I can’t help but wonder how much all of that played a role in who I am at this moment. From birth, we are constantly experiencing things that shape who we are. Man is, at all times, an unfinished canvas.

So this year, I give thanks to all those that have had an impact on me. The friends that have become family (Talking about, among others, the Jordan Clan, whom I could not love more if they were blood) and of family members that I am lucky enough to truly call friends. I look at these wonderful, sweet, brilliant, cracked people and know that my own canvas is far richer than I ever have hoped.

So to each of you in my life, I am thankful for your presence and the impact that you have had on me.

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From all of us at Crimespree Magazine, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.