Hard Case Crime to publish their first illustrated novel with Max Allan Collins’ SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT

As if Hard Case Crime’s 2013 was not looking exciting already, they will be dipping their toes into the world of comics…sort of.

In February of 2013, HCC will release SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT by Max Allan Collins. The novel, a hardboiled tale inspired by the 1950s witch-hunt against crime and horror comic books, will feature 16 pages of interior illustrations by comic-book artist Terry Beatty (Batman, The Phantom). SOTI will be released in paperback and E-book formats with a cover painting in the classic pulp style by Glen Orbik.

SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT tells the story of comic book industry troubleshooter Jack Starr and his investigation into the death of a moralizing crusader out to get violent comics banned.

The book was inspired in part by the real-life crusade of Dr. Fredric Wertham, who in 1954 published a non-fiction book also titled Seduction of the Innocent in which he accused comic books – especially violent ones such as those put out by Tales from the Crypt publisher EC Comics – of corrupting America’s innocent youth.

“Max has chosen a fascinating corner of history to write about and spun an irresistible whodunit against that backdrop,” said Charles Ardai. “No fan of comic books or of detective stories will want to miss it.”

2013 will also see  HCC delivering  a reprint of WEB OF THE CITY, Harlan Ellison’s debut novel, and JOYLAND by Stephen King.