Harris offers thoughts on Appaloosa sequel.

Despite the film not actually being released yet, there is already talk of a sequel to Appaloosa.

Writer/Director/Star Ed Harris mentioned it while talking to MTV:

“Parker wrote two sequels to this, which I think could be combined into a sequel,”

The Parker he is referring to is Iconic mystery writer Robert B. Parker. While Parker is best known for his Spenser novels, he has written two books with these characters and has another on the way.

“[The sequel would focus on the] same characters: Cole, Allie (Renee Zellweger), and Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) pretty much…Allie runs off with some other guy. Cole tracks this guy down and shoots him, in cold-blooded murder. And then he goes and finds Hitch in this town, and they go partner up and they go to find Allie in Texas somewhere.”

Appaloosa will land in theaters, nationwide, on October 3rd.