HAWAII FIVE-O remake cast starting to fill out

Last month, I mentioned that CBS was moving forward with their plans for a new HAWAII FIVE-O series. At the time, there was little in the way of actual news. No timetable or cast. Now the cast is starting to come together.

Alex O’Loughlin (MOONLIGHT, THREE RIVERS) will be playing Steve McGarrett, head of the Hawaii State Police. Jack Lord played McGarrett in the original.
From SpoilerTV:

Mid to late 30s… This craggy, tenacious Navy commander is a former Navy SEAL whose illustrious resume includes stints as a special investigator and a tenure with Naval Intelligence. McGarrett has been tracking the notorious Hesse brothers for years, but when his father is taken hostage and slain during his perilous investigation, he’s determined to have justice. To that end, he accepts Hawaiian governor Pat Jameson’s offer to run a federal task force centered in Hawaii, and imbued with latitude and special rights not granted to the police rank and file. McGarrett hand-picks an elite crew for his team, which stands as the first line of defense against encroaching terrorists and criminals in a strategically vital region. But in the meanwhile, he’s determined to trace the baffling clues his murdered father left behind — evidence that points to an unsolved mystery stretching all the way back to his mother’s death, years previously…

In addition, Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, 24) will play Detective Chin Ho Kelly (First played by Kam Fong).


A tough, capable Asian man in his 50s, he’s a 20 year veteran of the Honolulu police force who was a close friend of McGarrett’s cop dad. However, Chin was recently drummed out of the department for accepting payoffs, even though he was completely innocent of all charges. Now a security officer in Pearl Harbor, he’s grateful to McGarrett for offering him the chance to clear his name and get back into active duty. A savvy guy with a lot of connections on the island, Chin also becomes a crucial member of McGarrett’s federal task force.

As was previously mentioned, the producers are Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (creator/producers of FRINGE and writers of STAR TREK, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III and TRANSFORMERS) and Peter Lenkov (Exec producer of CSI: Miami).

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