Hayden Christensen is on board for John Case’ THE GENESIS CODE.

Variety is reporting that Hayden Christensen (Anakin from STAR WARS 1-3) has agreed to star in THE GENESIS CODE, which is based on the novel by John Case.

Mysterious assassinations. Cutting-edge medical technology. A secret organization with an unholy agenda. John Case has combined these intriguing elements into an explosive novel that will keep you up all night.

Joe Lassiter awakens to the ring of the phone in the dead of the night. His sister Kathy and her young son Brandon have died in a blaze in their expensive home near Washington, D.C. Rushing to the scene, Lassiter learns the deaths were no accident: his sister and nephew were brutally murdered in their beds before the fire was set. The police are baffled. The man who set the fire clings to life in the burn ward, unable to answer any questions.

Lassiter heads a thriving high-tech investigative agency in the nation’s capital. If there’s a paper trail, he can follow it. A computer encryption, he can crack it. An identity to reveal, he will track it down. He throws all his energy into the investigation of Kathy and Brandon’s murders. He begins with the man languishing in the burn ward, a man who exploded, on fire, through Kathy Lassiter’s front bay window. But as Lassiter traces that man’s identity, the mystery only deepens. His name is Franco Grimaldi and he’s a known hit-man, with disturbing connections to Italian military intelligence and to the fanatical Catholic order Umbra Domini. The question is: Why would he even be in the same orbit with Kathy Lassiter—a researcher for NPR, a Sunday school teacher, a single mother with no known enemies? And then the man with the answers to Lassiter’s questions escapes from the hospital, killing a policeman in the process.

Lassiter’s leads take him on a dangerous international chase from London to Rome to Naples to Umbria to Switzerland to Maine. The more he unearths, the larger the web of conspiracy grows, yet every thread he pulls seems to tighten the knot of deception.

The Genesis Code is the story of a secret, a secret so powerful that if it becomes known, it will alter the course of civilization. When Joe Lassiter finally learns the truth, it will shock him — and the reader — to his very marrow.

David R. Ellis (SNAKES ON A PLANE, CELLULAR) will be directing with Kevin Bernhardt (FEAR OF FLYING, PEACEFUL WARRIOR) handling writing duties.