HBO to release 12 posters for TRUE BLOOD.

HBO, looking to rile up the already rabid TRUE BLOOD fan base, will be releasing a poster a week leading up to the start of season three. To the right is the first poster.

NEW YORK, NY March 25, 2010 – TRUE BLOOD fans thirsting for the highly-anticipated third season of the series are in for a treat this week as HBO kicks off its marketing campaign to promote the season 3 debut on June 13. As a part of the countdown, HBO has created an online tease campaign that includes weekly distribution of a dozen TRUE BLOOD-themed posters that give a nod to the show’s core fans. Designed to excite fans of the hit series and entice new viewers to tune-in, the posters feature imagery and taglines that reference favorite moments, popular themes and insider storylines from the series, speaking directly to TRUE BLOOD’s rabid fan base.

Beginning today, HBO will distribute the posters online with a new poster debuting weekly for 12 consecutive weeks. The posters will appear on HBO branded sites such as and the TRUE BLOOD Facebook page, as well as key online partners including entertainment, television and news sites as well as TRUE BLOOD fan sites.