HBO’s MILDRED PIERCE: The cast so far.

With just a month to go before shooting, the cast for MILDRED PIERCE is starting to fill out. With more names coming out this last week, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at who is who so far:

Kate Winslet: The title character. Mildred Pierce had gorgeous legs, a way with a skillet, and a bone-deep core of toughness. She used those attributes to survive a divorce and poverty and to claw her way out of the lower middle class. But Mildred also had two weaknesses: a yen for shiftless men, and an unreasoning devotion to a monstrous daughter. (Joan Crawford in the original). Do I really need to talk about Kate?

Evan Rachel Wood: Veda, the aforementioned monstrous daughter. Despite Mildred’s attempts to provide a better life for her, Vera wants more and will do almost anything to get what she feels she deserves. (Ann Blyth). Wood played Rourke’s daughter in THE WRESTLER and was quite good in THE UPSIDE OF ANGER.

Guy Pearce: Monte Beragon, the wealthy playboy that eventually becomes Mildred’s second husband. Almost immediately, we learn that things don’t end too well for him. (Zachary Scott). Pearce is best known for L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and MEMENTO and recently appeared in THE HURT LOCKER.

Brian F. O’Byrne: Bert Pierce, Mildred’s first husbamd, after he loses his job, Mildred leaves in hopes of finding a better life (Bruce Bennett). O’Bryne can currently be seen as Aaron Stark on FlashForward and was Colin on BROTHERHOOD.

James LeGros: Wally Fay, Bert’s former business partner (Jack Carson). LeGros was recently seen as Dr. Dan Harris in MERCY and also had regular roles in ALLY MCBEAL and SLEEPER CELL. He also played Raylan Givens in Elmore Leonard’s PRONTO on Showtime.

Melissa Leo is Ida Corwin, Mildred’s friend (Eve Arden). Leo was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in FROZEN RIVER and will be in the upcoming David Simon series TREME on HBO.

Morgan Turner: Veda, younger but still a wretched creature.

Todd Haynes co-wrote the screenplay and will be directing. He wrote and directed 2002’s acclaimed FAR FROM HEAVEN (which got him an Oscar nomination).