He is gay? With The Wire, the devil (or magic) is in the details.

So my wife and I were watching (or re-watching for me) season 3 of The Wire. In episode ten, Brother Mouzone sends Lamar, his sidekick, into the Baltimore gay bars in search of Omar. It was Omar that shot Brother in season two.

At one such bar, Lamar has a hissyfit when a gay man approaches him from behind. Sitting at the bar, amused by the incident in Deputy Commissioner (Now acting commissioner) Rawls.

The shot was so minor that I had to rewind the scene to see if I saw what I thought I saw.

So The Wire chose to reveal that Rawls is gay in a way that many of us likely missed. Many shows would have used it to get viewers talking, but David Simon and crew decided to simply slide it in rather quietly. Subtly is a bit of a lost art on television these days.

Just another reason why The Wire is the best damn show on tv today. The Wire can be seen every Sunday night on HBO. The current season is the fifth, and final, of what is the best police drama in the history of television.