Review of Heather Graham’s LAW AND DISORDER

Heather Graham
Harlequin Pub
January 17, 2017

LAW AND DISORDER by Heather Graham is a mystery set in Florida. It blends suspense, romance, and action. What make this book standout are the clues spread throughout the story so that the reader can try to find the buried treasure along with the characters. For those fans of the actress who starred in Austin Powers this is not her.

The story begins with the kidnapping by a group of thugs of a well-to-do Floridian, Kody Cameron. She is taken to a historical house and becomes a victim with the rest of the working staff. Each thug has decided to use the 1930s gangster names as their alias. Their goal is to have Kody translate a map and find where the stolen money has been placed. After some time her instincts lead her to believe it is buried in the Everglades. What makes matters more intense is that some of the kidnappers are ruthless, crazy, and unpredictable. Lucky for her, one of them is Nick Connolly, an FBI agent who has gone undercover. His decision to follow his own rules makes for many action scenes.

Graham has included many historical details about Florida, which allowed the reader to feel as if they

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham belted out a welcome song at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon for Mystery Writers Key West Fest attendee’s in 2015.

were there. “Florida is my home and I used very unique properties. The house in the beginning of the story is loosely based on an Italian mansion. I also used as inspiration the Biltmore Hotel since Al Capone stayed there. I drew upon local lore and legend. I hope the setting was as unique as the characters.”

The actual crime in this novel is very intriguing. It is definitely plot based with the setting a major part of the story.


Elise Cooper