hmmmmm… just an idea

The Whole Nine Yards

A good idea

The Whole Ten Yards

Not a good idea

Coca Cola

A great idea

New Coke

A bad idea

Return to Original formula (but not really)

An ass saving idea


A good idea

Rocky 2-5

A greedy idea

Cable Television

A good idea

The Golf Channel

A what the f#*k idea

Paying Ken Bruen to write books

A great idea

Paying Paris Hilton to do anything, let alone write a book

A really lame idea


A wonderful idea

Hamburgers served on lettuce instead of a bun

A “just have a salad” idea

Working Out

A really good idea

Jon Actually doing it

A funny idea

Cell Phones

A useful idea

Letting people use them as they drive

A really annoying idea

Reed Coleman writing “The James Deans”

A grand idea

Buying multiple copies of “The James Deans”

A even grander idea!

Buy Reed’s Book!

Letting the public vote

A noble idea

Actually letting the public vote

Not such a great idea

Me stopping this now…

A pretty damn good idea!