Hollywood continues to show Don Winslow much deserved love.

A few years back, Hollywood and Don Winslow were acquainted, but not best buds. THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z was turned into a film that starred Paul Walker (Ouch) and went straight to DVD and Frankie Machine, despite some initial love, quickly died after being option. A COOL BREEZE ON THE UNDERGROUND was optioned with the intention of creating a franchise for Leo DiCaprio…but Leo grew too old before anyone did anything with it.

Then Don released the fucking awesome SAVAGES. Oscar-winner Oliver Stone fell in love with it and moved quickly to bring it to the big screen. Now SATORI, his sequel to Trevanian’s SHIBUMI, has been been optioned by Warner Bros has a vehicle for…Leo DiCaprio. Leo is old enough to play Nicholai Hel, the protagonist of SATORI and I can see him in the role. I hope WB moves before he outgrows this role as well.

I have been a fan of Don since CALIFORNIA FIRE AND LIFE and I am thrilled to see him getting this sort of attention. If you are not familiar with him, pick up SAVAGES and THE DAWN PATROL and unplug the phone for the next week.