Hollywood embracing more Bruen.

Seveal months ago, I mentioned that Ken Bruen had a novel (London Boulevard) optioned for film.

Now word comes that more Hollywood folk are realizing just how good the words of Mr. Bruen can be.

Variety is reporting that Bruen’s Blitz is looking to come to a theater near you.

“In the fast-moving follow-up to the White Trilogy, the south-east London police squad are suffering collective burnout: with tragic deaths, excessive habits, uncontrollable anger and the wrong kind of friendships, the team never had it so bad. When a serial killer takes his show on the road, things get progressively worse. Nicknamed ‘The Blitz,’ a vicious murderer is aiming for tabloid glory by killing cops. Harold Dunphy, Ace crime reporter, thinks he’s on to the story of the decade, and the police have all the incentive they need to catch their criminal – before they get caught first! “

Elliott Lester will direct. Lester’s debut film, Love is a Drug, got generally favorable reviews when released in 06. Prior to film, he worked on commericals and music videos.

The screenplay comes from Nathan Parker. Parker recently wrote Moon, a film that is being direct by David Bowie’s son.