Hollywood looks to Jim Thompson once more.

The words of Iconic Noir writer Jim Thompson appear to destined for the big screen once more.

Thompson’s 1953 novel, Recoil, is being looked at for the big screen.

“Pat Cosgrove was a convict in the state’s vilest prison, and Doc Luther gave him his freedom. Cosgrove had never been loved, and Luther gave him two mistresses–one of them the beautiful Mrs. Luther. Cosgrove owed Luther his life . . . and now Luther was going to collect.”
Ralph Pezullo has been hired to write the screenplay.

Pezullo, along with former CIA officer Gary Berntsen, has authored Jawbreaker, Bernsten’s biographical accout of the U.S. government’s attempts to capture Bin Laden, as well as the upcoming novel The Walk-In. He also handled the screenwriting duties with the film version of Jawbreaker, with Oliver Stone directing.

Over the years, Thompson’s work has resulted in ten films, with him writing scripts for a couple others as well as some television work in the 50s and 60s. Anyone unfamiliar with his stuff should check out The Grifters and The Getaway (The 1972 version with Steve McQueen).

No other details are available, but it is likely that nothing will come of it until 2009, at the earliest, with a pos release in 2010.