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Home Again Naturally

Dateline 10 16 08

It’s Ruth Jordan’s second day back at work.

It’s Jon Jordan’s second day back at work.

It’s Jen Jordan’s birthday.

It’s the day of Birth for Jaxson, born at 10:28 this morning and weighing in at over 9 pounds and 19 inches, it is a cause to celebrate. Proud Papa Timm just phoned and he says nothing compares to this. Christy is resting and doing fab and I have it on good authority that Grandma Penny will not be coming down to earth anytime soon.

so from us to you….

First, Crimespree thanks you for the Special Service award at Bouchercon, everyone reading this, pat yourself on the back, it is, as Jon said, a family shoutout and well, you are family (when, oh when will I stop thinking in Song Titles and Lyrics)

And First in our Hearts

Murder and Mayhem in Muskego

the authors attending? click here

Murder and Mayhem in Muskego is one day/one track of programming…. Authors come from across the country to share their voice and voices with the Muskego Library Patrons and Readers from as far away as California. A different kind of event, it is all inclusive and a rejuvenating experience for readers and writers alike. Cornelia Read , you better get yourself healthy and bring the lame boots.

We’ll have a new President, Halloween will be behind us and Thanksgiving still three weeks away, so for 15 dollars, come see this what all the fuss is about. Register by November 3rd and we’ll see you there. It’s 15 dollars for the Saturday events (and we’ll feed you lunch) and this year we will be also welcoming patrons for a Friday Night Meet and Great to raise money for the event, these tickets are 25 dollars…

Come one, come all,
November 8th, 2008