LEVERAGE Season Four comes home in July

July 17th sees the DVD release of LEVERAGE: Season Four, the hit TNT series featuring a merry band of crooks that now steal from the corrupt for the little guy. The series stars Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge.

In Season Four of LEVERAGE, the team faces bigger challenges than ever before. Along with navigating Nate’s struggle with his inner demons, the team must deal with an overzealous public relations expert (guest star Michael Gladis); a millionaire who pays to have himself moved up on a heart-transplant waiting list; a woman who profits from people’s grief through a funeral scam; a corrupt agriculture corporation out to bury potato farmers; and a group trying to kill a World War II veteran (guest star Danny Glover). With the addition of their nemesis, insurance-investigator-turned-InterPOL-agent Jim Sterling (guest star Mark Sheppard) and an unknown spy who could unravel their whole operation, the team must tread carefully to complete their most difficult jobs.

Audio Commentaries on All Episodes
Behind the Scenes of The Long Job Down
Writers’ Room Job
Deleted Scenes from
“The Long Job Down”
“The Grave Danger Job”
“The Experimental Job”
“The Girls’ Night Out Job”
“The Boys’ Night Out Job”
“The Last Dam Job”
Gag Reel

MSRP is $39.99.