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Home Entertainment Release Recap for August 31st, 2010.

AGATHA CHRISTIE’S MARPLE: Series 5 (Features The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, The Secret of Chimneys, The Blue Geranium) Julie McKenzie $49.99 Extras: Agatha Christie’s Garden documentary, Text interviews with Julia McKenzie and Joanna Lumley, Background on shooting locations, Information on Agatha Christie’s 120th anniversary, Julia McKenzie biography, Cast filmographies (Acorn Media)

Eyes sparkling and tweeds impeccable, Julia McKenzie (Cranford, Notes on a Scandal) returns as Agatha Christie’s spinster sleuth in three new mysteries set in 1950s England. Murder is afoot, and Miss Marple is up to the task of determining whodunit. She may look like a pensioner, but she doesn’t miss a clue on the way to solving heinous crimes, whether the weapon is a gun, a cocktail, or the color blue. Each story unfolds against a rich background of grand English estates, gorgeous scenery, and post-WWII period detail.

BEATDOWN (2010) Rudy Youngblood, Michael Bisping, Susie Abromeit, Eric Balfour, Danny Trejo. Brandon DVD: $26.96 , Blu-ray: $29.99. Extras: Behind the scenes featurette, “On the Set of Beatdown With Michael Bisping” featurette.  (Lionsgate).

Respected street fighter Brandon finds himself the target of dangerous gangsters who murdered his brother. He’s forced to flee the city and hides out at his father’s house in a small Southern town, where he soon gets involved in the local underground cage-fighting circuit and devises a way to get revenge.

FLASHFORWARD: The Complete Series (2009-10) Five-disc set with 22 episodes, $59.99. Extras: “Creating a Catastrophe: The Effects of a Global Blackout,” “FlashForward: A Look Ahead,” commentary, “Architects of Destiny,” “Meet Yuko,” “FlashForward” on set, interviews from the Mosaic Collective, blooper reel, deleted scenes. (Disney).

Out of nowhere, a mysterious flash causes nearly everyone in the world to lose consciousness and gain a glimpse of his or her life six months into the future. As one elite FBI unit attempts to solve the mystery, the rest of the world’s population soon discovers that, when it comes to destiny, nothing is set in stone.
Uncover the answers and delve even deeper into the mind-bending story with riveting bonus features, including a behind-the-scenes look at the phenomenal freeway disaster scene and inside stories about the series from the cast and crew. Relive every brilliant twist of the groundbreaking show’s complete series – uninterrupted – in this 5-disc collection. It’s a must-have for any FlashForward fan!

HARRY BROWN (2010) Michael Caine, Emily Mortiner, David Bradley, Iain Glen, Charlie Creed-Miles, Sean Harris, Ben Drew. DVD: $27.96 Blu-ray: $39.95. Extras: Deleted scenes; commentary by Michael Caine, director Daniel Barber and producer Kris Thykier. Blu-ray Disc adds movieIQ+sync. (Sony).

Set in modern day Britain, Harry Brown follow’s one man’s journey through a chaotic world where drugs are the currency of the day and guns run the streets. A modest law-abiding citizen, Harry Brown is a retired Marine and a widower who lives alone on a depressed housing estate. His only company is his best friend Leonard (David Bradley). When Leonard is murdered by a gang of thugs, Harry feels compelled to act and is forced to dispense his own brand of justice. As he bids to clean up the run-down estate where he lives, his actions bring him into conflict with the police, led by investigating officer DCI Frampton (Emily Mortimer) and Charlie Creed-Miles.

THE MIDDLE: Season one (2009-10) Three-disc set with 24 episodes, $44.98. Extras: Featurettes, unaired scenes, gag reel. (Warner).

Patricia Heaton stars as Frankie Heck in this warm and witty single-camera comedy about raising a family and lowering your expectations. Frankie Heck is a superhero. Well, no, not an actual superhero – but sometimes it seems to Frankie as though getting her kids out the door for school every morning is a superheroic act. Middle aged, middle class and living in the middle of the country, this harried wife and working mother of three uses her wry wit and sense of humor to try to get her family through each day intact.

NCIS: Los Angeles — The First Season (2009) Chris O’Donnell, Peter Cambor, Daniela Ruah, Linda Hunt and LL Cool J, DVD: $64.99, Blu-ray: $72.99. Extras: Parts 1 and 2 of the crossover episode “Legend” from “NCIS,” which first introduced viewers to the Los Angeles team; behind-the-scenes features.  (CBS/Paramount).

The RED RIDING Trilogy (2009) David Morrissey, Jim Carter. DVD: $29.98, Blu-ray: $34.98 Extras: Red Riding 1974; Tv spot; Julian Jarrold interview; Deleted scenes; Red Riding 1980:; Tv spot; Making of; Deleted scenes; Red Riding 1983; Tv spot; Making of; Deleted scenes; Additional features:; Making of; Tv spot; Theatrical trailers(IFC Films and MPI Media Group).

Three films come together to form one overwhelming cinematic experience about a mysterious — and perhaps related — series of gruesome crimes in Northern England. Based on events that occurred over a turbulent decade in the West Riding district of Yorkshire, England, the films present a dark and disturbing world of serial murders, child abductions and police corruption. The three films are connected by recurring events and characters, chiefly a deeply conflicted police detective, Maurice Jobson (David Morrissey), and ruthless high-ranking official Harold Angus (Jim Carter). Three directors use a different method for each film: Julian Jarrold (“Becoming Jane”) shoots in 16mm film for 1974; James Marsh (“Man on Wire”) in 35mm for 1980; and Anand Tucker (“Leap Year,” “Shopgirl”) in digital video for 1983. In the end, they’ve created a modern crime epic in which no one escapes undamaged.

SONS OF ANARCHY: Season Two (2009) DVD: $59.98, Blu-ray: $69.99 . Extras: Deleted Scenes, “John the Revelator” music video, gag reel, commentary on select episodes, “The Moral Code of Sons of Anarchy,” “A Night Out With the Crew at Happy Endings Bar,” “Sons of Anarchy Happy Ending Roundtable.”  (Fox).

Hang on for this high-octane thrill ride that goes even deeper into the gritty world of an outlaw biker gang! Reeling from the combined pressure of an ATF crackdown and an unprovoked murder, the Sons face a far more deadly threat from a cold-blooded enemy who will stop at nothing to drive them out of Charming—for good. As Jax and Clay square off over questions of leadership and loyalty, lines are drawn and chaos reigns as the club threatens to destroy itself—from the inside out.