Home Entertainment Release Recap for Feb 22nd, 2011.

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN (2010)Christina Hendricks, Matthew Gray Gubler, Linda Cardellini, Anthony LaPaglia, Alexis Denisof. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital copy $24.98(Warner)

Fueled by hatred and jealousy, Lex Luthor masterminds an elaborate plot to kill the Man of Steel – and it works. Poisoned by solar radiation, Superman is dying. With weeks to live, he fulfills his life’s dreams – especially revealing his true identity to Lois Lane – until Luthor proclaims his ultimate plan to control the world with no alien hero to stop him. Powers fading, Superman engages in a spectacular deadly battle with Luthor that could truly trigger the end of Earth’s Greatest Protector. This startling and gripping DC Universe Animated Original Movie stars the voice talents of James Denton, Anthony LaPaglia, Christina Hendricks and Ed Asner.

DUE DATE (2010) Dir.: Todd Phillips; Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan, Juliette Lewis, Jamie Foxx. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital copy: $35.99 Extas: Complete “Two and a Half Men” scene, gag reel, more. (Warner).

From The Hangover director Todd Phillips, Due Date throws two unlikely companions together on a road trip that turns out to be as life-changing as it is outrageous. Expectant first-time father Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) looks forward to his new child’s due date five days away. As Peter hurries to catch a flight home from Atlanta to be at his wife’s side for the birth, his best intentions go completely awry when an encounter with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis) forces Peter to hitch a ride with Ethan on a cross-country trip that will ultimately destroy several cars, many friendships and Peter’s last nerve.


MEMENTO 10th Anniversary Edition (2000) Dir.: Christopher Nolan; Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Stephen Tobolowsky. Blu-ray: $19.99 Extras: Remembering Memento” look back on the making of the film, “Anatomy of a Scene,” IFC interview with writer-director Christopher Nolan, commentary by Nolan, “Memento Mori” short story by Jonathan Nolan, feature script, tattoo gallery, Leonard’s journal. (Lionsgate).

A landmark film from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Batman Begins, Insomnia), Memento is a mind-bending thriller whose mesmerizing power grows with every viewing. Guy Pearce stars as Leonard, a man with a bizarre disorder: the inability to form new memories. Ever since that fateful night when his wife was murdered, anyone Leonard has met, or anything he has done, simply vanishes from his mind. Who are his friends? Who are his enemies? What is the truth? The answers change from second to second as Leonard seeks vengeance for his wife’s murder…and sinks into an abyss of uncertainty and danger.


MIDSOMER MURDERS: Set 17 (2004-05) John Nettles, Jason Hughes DVD: $49.99 Extras: Cast interviews, Fascinating facts, Production notes (Acorn Media)

This set features: The Dogleg Murders–Members of the swanky Whiteoaks Golf Club keep turning up dead by the 13th hole. The Black Book–The detectives investigate a string of savage murders precipitated by a local art auction. Secrets and Spies–A mysterious creature is killing sheep in Midsomer County, but it soon moves on to larger prey. The Glitch–A local scientist’s determination to stop an American millionaire’s latest business venture has fatal repercussions.

NURSE JACKIE: Season Two (2010) Edie Falco, Eve Best ,DVD: $39.98, Blu-ray: Extras: Commentary by Edie Falco, Linda Wallem, Liz Brixius, Richie Jackson, Eve Best and Peter Facinelli; “Perfecting an Inappropriate Touch” featurette on Facinelli’s career and his role as Dr. Cooper; “All About Eve” featurette on Best and her role as Dr. O’Hara. (Lionsgate).

Edie Falco stars as title character Jackie Peyton, a drug-addicted emergency room nurse in a New York City hospital. For Jackie, every day is a high-wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses and her own indiscretions. The second season of the Showtime Original Series Nurse Jackie™ continues its look deep inside the complicated heart and soul of a functioning addict, a loving wife and mother, and a first-class nurse.

STIEG LARSSON’S DRAGON TATTOO TRILOGY (2010) Features: THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE and THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST. DVD: $59.95 , Blu-ray: $79.95 Extras: “Millennium: The Story” documentary detailing the phenomenon of the “Millennium” trilogy and the story of author Stieg Larsson; interviews with Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist; making-of the fight scene between Niederman and Paulo Roberto in “The Girl Who Played With Fire”; interview with the cast and crew of “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest.” (Music Box Films).

The Stieg Larsson Dragon Tattoo Trilogy is comprised of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl Who Played with Fire”, “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” and a 4th disc with 2 hours of extras.

THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (Criterion Collection) Dir: Alexander Mackendrick; Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Susan Harrison, Martin Milner, Jeff Donnell DVD: $19.99 Blu-ray: $39.95 Extras: New audio commentary by film scholar James Naremore, Mackendrick: The Man Who Walked Away, a 1986 documentary featuring interviews with director Alexander Mackendrick, actor Burt Lancaster, producer James Hill, and more, James Wong Howe: Cinematographer, a 1973 documentary about the Oscar-winning director of photography, featuring lighting tutorials with Howe
New video interview with film critic and historian Neil Gabler (Winchell: Gossip, Power and the Culture of Celebrity) about legendary columnist Walter Winchell, inspiration for the character J. J. Hunsecker, New video interview with filmmaker James Mangold about Mackendrick, his instructor and mentor, original theatrical trailer, A booklet featuring an essay by critic Gary Giddins, two short stories by Ernest Lehman featuring the characters from the film, notes about the film by Lehman, and an excerpt from Mackendrick’s book On Film-making(Criterion)

In the swift, cynical SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, directed by Alexander Mackendrick (The Ladykillers), Burt Lancaster (Brute Force, The Leopard) stars as barbaric Broadway gossip columnist J. J. Hunsecker, and Tony Curtis (Some Like It Hot, Spartacus) as Sidney Falco, the unprincipled press agent he ropes into smearing the up-and-coming jazz musician romancing his beloved sister. Featuring deliciously unsavory dialogue in an acid, brilliantly structured script by Clifford Odets (Notorious, Bigger Than Life) and Ernest Lehman (North by Northwest, The Sound of Music) and noirish neon cityscapes from Oscar-winning cinematographer James Wong Howe (The Thin Man, Yankee Doodle Dandy), SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS is a cracklingly cruel dispatch from the kill-or-be-killed wilds of 1950s Manhattan.

WEEDS: Season Six (2010) Three-disc set with 13 episodes,DVD: $39.98, Blu-ray: $39.98 Extras: Commentary on select episodes, “What Do We Have Left to Say?” featurette, gag reel, “Fandemonium Weeds Writers Tell All” featurette, “Bye Bye Botwins” cast interviews. (Lionsgate).