Home Entertainment Release Recap for June 15th, 2010.

THE BOOK OF ELI (2010) Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals, Evan Jones..DVD: $28.98, Blu-ray/DVD combo pack: $35.99  Extras: “The Lost Tales,” “Starting Over,” “Eli’s Journey,” deleted scenes. (Warner)

 Eli walks alone in post-apocalyptic America. He heads west along the Highway of Death on a mission he doesn’t fully understand but knows he must complete. In his backpack is the last copy of a book that could become the wellspring of a revived society. Or in the wrong hands, the hammer of a despot. Denzel Washington is Eli, who keeps his blade sharp and his survival instincts sharper as his quest thrusts him into a savage wasteland… and into explosive conflict with a resourceful warlord (Gary Oldman) set on possessing the book. “We walk by faith, not by sight,” quotes Eli. Under the taut direction of the Hughes Brothers (Menace II Society), those words hit home with unexpected meaning and power

HAWTHORNE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (2009) Three-disc set with 10 episodes, $34.95. Extras: Seven featurettes: “All in a Day’s Work: A Conversation With Jada Pinkett Smith,” “Inside Richmond Trinity,” “Get to Know the Cast of HawthoRNe,” “HawthoRNe Medical School,” “Male Nurses,” “Shooting a Scene: Visual Effects,” “HawthoRNe’s Heroes.” (Sony).

Christina Hawthorne (Pinkett Smith) is Richmond Trinity Hospital’s compassionate and headstrong Chief Nursing Officer, in charge of a staff who spends long days and nights on the hospital’s front lines. Hawthorne will do everything in her power to help her patients. When a patient’s care is at risk, she doesn’t hesitate to violate protocol, defend her staff or stand up to administrators who seem to have forgotten the hospital’s true purpose. The long days on duty combined with Hawthorne’s intensity cannot help but take a toll on her personal life. Christina is still coming to terms with losing her husband, while struggling to balance her career with her equally important role as a parent, as well as to find the time to take care of someone else who always seems to fall through the cracks – herself.

MACGYVER: THE TV MOVIES Richard Dean Anderson, Sophie Ward, Brian Blessed, Beatie Edney, Peter Egan. $19.95 MacGyver: The Lost Treasure of Atlantis and MacGyver:  Trail to Doomsday.(CBS/Paramount).

SANCTUARY: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON (2009-10) Four-disc set with 13 episodes, DVD: $44.98, Blu-ray: $49.98 Extras: Commentaries on all 13 episodes with cast and crew including Amanda Tapping, creator Damian Kindler, director Martin Wood; multiple making-of featurettes; a “Robin Dunne Video Diary”; outtakes/bloopers reel; international promos/trailers. Blu-ray adds interactive green screen on select episodes. (E1 Entertainment).

The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping, “Stargate SG-1”) and the Sanctuary team are back on their quest to study and protect the strange and terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world. As seen on SyFy.

SUPERNATURAL: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles $44.99 Extras: The Devil’s Road Map: Interactive Map Guide to Season One’s Urban Legends and Unusual Facts, Paley Festival Panel Discussion Featuring the Cast and Creators, Unaired/extended scenes, Commentary on the Pilot by Series Creator Eric Kripke, Director David Nutter and Producer Peter Johnson, Commentary on Phantom Traveler by Co-Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles,Day in the Life of Jared and Jensen and Supernatural: Tales from the Edge of Darkness,
Gag reel(Warner)

The Creepy. The Demented. The Unexplained. The Unearthly. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) grew up hunting such terrifying things. But that’s all past. Law school beckons him. So does safety and normalcy. That is, until Sam’s estranged brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) appears with troubling news: their father has disappeared, a man who’s hunted evil for 22 years. So to find their father, the brothers must hunt what their father hunts… and Sam must return to the life he’d rather leave behind. Hold on tight for all 22 Season One Episodes of the edgy, hip series that has viewers in its grip and critics enthralled. Confront the Supernatural!

UNTHINKABLE (2009) Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Michael Sheen, Brandon Routh, Benito Martinez.DVD: $24.96 , Blu-ray: $35.95  Extras: Commentary by director Gregor Jordan; alternate, extended ending.  Blu-ray adds movieIQ+sync BD-LIVE. (Sony).

The most suspenseful thriller of the year explores just how far we will go to protect ourselves and our country. When a nuclear expert-turned-extremist (Michael Sheen, Underworld) plants devices in three separate cities, the country’s counter-terrorism force springs into action and captures him. But the location of his bombs remains a mystery. With time running out, FBI agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss, Disturbia) agrees to work alongside a mysterious interrogator known only as “H” (Samuel L. Jackson, Lakeview Terrace), whose ruthless methods get results. But a power struggle develops between Brody, “H’, and the terrorist, and what happens next is unbelievable and -ultimately-Unthinkable!