House, Human Torch to join Reeves and Whitaker in Night Watch (AKA The Night Watchman)

After years of languishing in Hollywood, Night Watch is suddenly moving right along and collecting talented names left and right.

Variety is reporting that Hugh Laurie and Chris Evans are both in negotiations to join Night Watch.

Night Watch, previously titled The Night Watchman, is based on an original script by James Ellroy.

Laurie is best known as House, the cranky doctor on the hit TV series by the same name, but has a long, rich career that includes such British classic shows as Black Adder and Jeeves and Woster.

Chris Evans broke through in 2005 in The Fantastic Four as the Human Torch. He will be reprising his role for the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which is due out on June 15th.

Oscar-winner Forrest Whitaker(Last King of Scotland) and Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, Scanner Darkly) have already been announced.

Reeves is a member of an elite unit of LAPD cops called Ad/Vice. Ad/Vice used ruthless, and often brutal, tactics to do their job.After his life falls apart with the death of his wife, he starts to question whether the end justifies the means.

Whitaker is the captain of the unit, who is also a mentor to Reeves. When Whitaker’s character is implicated in the death of another officer, Reeves takes a stand against his longtime mentor and his former partners.

Laurie and Evans would each play internal affairs officers.

David Ayer (Harsh Times, Dark Blue) is both writing and directing.