There’s a new show premiering Sunday on USA network called In Plain Sight. It features Mark McCormack as US Marshall Mary Shannon and she works with the witness protection service out of Arizona.

It’s a fun show and I think it will do well.Ruth and I saw the first few episodes and its pretty good entertainment. Mary is snarky and hardworking and while on the job she kicks ass.
It’s when she’s not working that slows it down just a bit for me. The first episode has a little too much Mom and Sis in it for my taste, though this does back off a bit in later episodes. They are attracting some recognizable people to the show, Our man Bunk from The Wire is in an episode, Dave Foley is in episode four. the show also stars Fredrick Weller from Law and Order, and Lesley Ann Warren.

Paul Ben Victor is her boss.

The creator of the show also did Home Improvement and Huff.

All in all it’s an entertaining show, and since I was a big fan of McCormack on West Wing I’ will keep watching IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Check out the Pilot episode Sunday June 1st.
and check out the In Plain Site Website