In the Electric Mist Director voices frustrations over filming experience.

The Guardian website has an interview with Bertrand Tavernier, director of the forthcoming In Electric Mist (based on the James Lee Burke novel by the same name).

Reading the piece, it is clear he was very frustrated with the experience.

Here are some of the highlights:

He and Jones had some problems. Here is part with Bertand talking about Jones: “Tommy Lee Jones is one of the greatest actors I have seen or worked with. He is very intelligent and educated. When you say ‘Action!’, he is great.” And before that moment? Tavernier pauses. “It varies.”

He clashed with the producers over editing and ultimately had the film taken out of his hands. Despite this, he said that “film is now in a version he is not unhappy with…”

Regarding author James Lee Burke: “He has a special voice among the film noir writers – if I had been able to transpose it to France, I would have.”

Sadly, no actual release date was mentioned, so Mist appears to still be sitting in limbo at this time.

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