INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us volume 1

Injustice: Gods Among Us v.1
DC Comics

I don’t really play video games. I enjoy them; when I do play. But when I play, I prefer it’s with another person. Which is why I wanted to play the incredible fighting game “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” that featured all the biggest DC Universe characters. It’s a very cool, fun and replayable game. DC decided to do a series based off the game. A prequel setting up the video game world. And boy does it. What no one expected was it being the huge smash hit it was. And deserved to be.

Companies have been doing a lot of “digital first” comics. Where people can buy these stories online before they’re available in physical copies. Overall success has been up and down. Then came “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” The book exploded onto the scene. While the game tie-in helped, what really made it was the sheer quality. Writer Tom Taylor goes right for the jugular in the first part. So many huge and crazy things happen I don’t want to spoil any of it. There are many times you think you see where it’s going and it throws a curve right at you.
Superman has had enough. He’s through with people fighting. Gaining the support of Wonder Woman and the Justice League he sets out to make the world better. Unfortunately, it’s not though peaceful means. It’s with intimidation. Of course, not everyone sees it his way. But not everyone needs to. When Superman leads, the biggest names will follow. Who’s going to say Superman’s wrong? Who else, Batman. And when Batman disagrees, there’s going to be problems.

There’s a reason this book continues to be number one. Taylor is not holding back. He’s got the biggest sandbox to play in and all the toys to do what he wants. He has a clear path, clear for him, great for us. Taylor’s writing style is good, strong, super hero storytelling. He understands all his characters and their motivations. He just gets how to write this book and make it the thrilling saga it is.

Working with Taylor is a group of artists. Impressively, they are putting out the best work I’ve ever seen from them. For as many artists as the book contains the story never suffers. The consistency in quality never lacks and they make those powerful words Taylor writes even more impactful. “Injustice” is a comic of the highest quality. Let it pull you in. It will.

Jo Schmidt