IRREDEEMABLE #1 – Boom Studios

I dig the way Mark Waid writes, I’m a fan and have read most, if not all of his work. I’ve quite enjoyed his series POTTER’S FIELD at Boom Studios and have been looking forward to IRREDEEMABLE.

The first issue is out and it looks to be very promising. Everything I’ve read about this has me intrigued. A hero slowly becoming evil and the story of that turn done in flashbacks as he reigns down havoc in the present
The first issue, while obvious not enough to gauge a whole series has me wanting more.

Plutonian is a superman type hero, all powerful and seemingly all good. But Something has changed and he’s the baddest of the bad. In issue one he tracks down a hero, chasing and killing him and his family. Remaining heroes are scared and with good reason.
It’s hard not to think of Miracle Man while reading this, a slight similarity in the art style and the story of a good guy gone horribly wrong is Kid Miracle Man all over. But already IRREDEEMABLE has it’s own voice and feel to it.

To top off the great begining of this series is some great art by Peter Krause. The night scenes are moody, the daylight scenes heroic. And manages to add a bit of crazy where needed.

I’m looking forward to much more of this new book.