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Is LAW & ORDER dead?

Well crap, I take the day off to hang with MysLynch (Our five-year anniversary) and miss a juicy story!

Deadline is reporting that the LAW & ORDER, the original and not one of the ten or so spin-offs, is coming to an end. The whole story is too long to try to summarize, but it sounds like a big part of the show continuing is based on TNT, home of L&O reruns, funding some of the production costs. It appears those talks fell apart (Deadline suggests some blame be placed at the powers that be at NBC) and that NBC is going to cancel the show.

Might TNT step up and take over? I doubt it since L&O is an expensive show and even SOUTHLAND is going to have to make so cost-cutting measures for the forthcoming TNT season. It certainly would give TNT a high profile program, but I think they are better off building their own roster of shows. It has worked so far with THE CLOSER and LEVERAGE becoming hits and SAVING GRACE doing fairly well.