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Jack Klugman: April 27, 1922 – December 24, 2012

By mow, many of you have likely heard of the passing of Jack Klugman. The actor was 90.

Klugman was best known as Oscar Madison on THE ODD COUPLE, but mystery fans will know him as Quincy, a medical examiner that often spotted things that others missed and used his knowledge to solve crimes. The show ran from October of 76 to Decemeber 82. During that time, Robert Crais worked as a writer and Executive Story Consultant. Last night, Crais posted the following on Facebook:

A long time ago, this man hired a baby writer with no experience to be the head writer of an Emmy-caliber, hit television series. This man challenged, demanded, questioned, pushed, and used his enormous talent and theatrical experience to teach that baby writer the lessons of drama. If you enjoy my work, thank this man. I do. Thank you, Jack.

Klugman was one of a kind. Our thoughts go out to his family.