James Lee Burke signs deal to develop Dave Robicheaux for cable TV

Mystery legend James Lee Burke has signed a deal with producer Hutch Parker to develop a television series featuring Dave Robicheaux. Robicheaux, in addition to appearing in 19 novels (The most recent of which, CREOLE BELLE, was released late last month), has made his way to film twice in the past.

Deadline is reporting that Parker has option the series with the intention of developing it for cable. Keep in mind, no deals are in place and writers are attached. But Parker has a first look deal with Fox and one would assume his goal is to land a deal for FX. FX already has a very successful series (JUSTIFIED) based on one crime novel character and is in the process of developing another (Based on the work of Chelsea Cain).

As I said, Robicheaux has been brought to the big screen twice before: HEAVEN’S PRISONERS (1996) starred Alex Baldwin and IN THE ELECTRIC MIST (2009) featured Tommy Lee Jones. Both actors did a decent job, but neither film was a commercial success.

Who knows whether or not anything comes of this, Parker has a lot of irons in the fire, but has yet to deliver anything of note. He previously was a co-chair for New Regency and was the vice chairman of the Fox Film Group. While at New Rengency, he brought Josh Bazell’s BEAT THE REAPER to HBO. So he has plenty of experience, but no real track record as an actual producer. Right now THE WOLVERINE, the second film based on the X-MEN character, is currently filming and Parker is a producer.