Jamie King comments on Sin City 2.

Ain’t It Cool’s Capone spoke with Jamie King about a number of subjects, including Sin City 2.

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Here is what was said about Sin City 2:

Capone: I’ve also seen your name attached to the SIN CITY sequel, which keeps getting pushed back. Is that actually happening?

Jamie King: Yeah. I went down to work with Rodriguez and George Clooney on this commercial a couple years ago. But I remember Robert saying “Oh yeah, we’re getting ready to do SIN CITY soon. Just be ready because you’re going to be getting a phone call.” And we’re getting ready to start, and then all this stuff happened and it’s hard. And I think it’s hard because they want to make it with certain people, studio wise, and I think the studio has a different vision of how they want to make it, and that’s not in line with Robert and Frank’s vision. So they’re working out the political part of it. But the great thing about they way he shoots it, is that he can get the actors that he wants and work out the scheduling fairly easy. Robert’s smart that way. I’ll be excited when that one goes.

Hopefully things can be worked out soon so they can get moving on this.