Jane Bond 008?


I’m a huge fan of espionage and spy books and movies and James Bond is totally responsible for this. I watched the movies as a kid and continue to do so. I got the books from my mother and loved them. I of course have spent many hours of my life discussing the various Bonds and who I like best and in what order (Sean Connery is my favorite). It is my own personal theory that 007 James Bond is a designation, given to a new recruit when a “Bond” dies. This explains the variations. In one of the movies we met 009 played by Sean Bean.

So why aren’t we seeing a woman in the role of 006 or 008 or some other number? With the popularity of Black Widow we are obviously ready for a ass kicking spy who is a woman.

And not just an actress who looks great in an evening gown, though that would be as important James Bond looking good in a tux. We also need someone who can tear off the lower part of the dress so she can move and then jump on a motorcycle and kick the crap out some bad guys. There are actresses out there who can do it, we just need a couple good writers to put it together.

What do you say? Are you ready for a Jane Bond?