Jason Alexander, Justine Bateman, Jordana Brewster and James Brolin will be appearing on upcoming crime shows.

Entertainment Weekly has reported some special appearances that folks can be looking for in the upcoming television season.

Jason Alexander will be appearing on Criminal Minds. Alexander will reportedly be playing a man that turns himself in for some murders, while the crew has no idea who the victims are. According to the peice, this episode will kick of the November sweeps. While Jason is best known for Seinfeld, he did a fine job playing a shitbag in Pretty Woman.

Justine Bateman…remember her?…will be on Psych. She will play the estranged wife of Det. Carlton Lassiter. Ms. Bateman has been working hard lately to revive her career. She has been seen on Desperate Housewives and Men in Trees (Well, seen by some..not me since I don’t watch either show.)

Jame Brolin, husband of Barbara Streisand and father of Josh Brolin, will be seen on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. His character is described as a former military man with ties to Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

Jordana Brewster has signed on for a multiple episode gig on Chuck. She will play an ex-girlfriend that re-enters the life of our hero. Very cool. When Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the television series, failed to the make the cut, I felt pretty bad for Ms. Brewster. I am a fan, having really enjoyed her in The Facilty and The Fast and the Furious, and actually thought she did a decent job in D.E.B.S. as the lesbian super criminal that gives up a life of crime win the heart of the head D.E.B. Her lip-syncing number was also worth the rest of the film…almost.

Jordana recently completed filming on Fast and Furious (aka The Fast and the Furious IV), which will hit theaters in 2009.

Some of you have noted that we have been posting more on television of late. If all goes well, we should be expanding not only television coverage, but also regularly running theatrical reviews.

These are things that have been goals, but it has been a matter of time management.