Java Lovers: Lee Child chats with Jon Jordan

Our own Jon Jordan interviews stellar author, Lee Child.

Jon Jordan and Lee Child from Bouchercon 2004.

Jon Jordan and Lee Child from Bouchercon 2004.

Jon: Where do you buy most of your shoes?
Lee: London. Can’t beat English bench made shoes.

Jon: If you were to just starting singing Led Zeppelin while working or walking or something which Zeppelin song would it be?
Lee: Probably Black Dog.

Jon: Do you like your pillows firm or soft and how many do you like have when you crash out?
Lee: Thin and firm-ish. Two of them.

Jon: What is the largest amount of coffee you’ve consumed in one period of being awake?
Lee: 36 mugs.

Jon: If you could play a game with the New York Yankees, what position woulnight-school-hcd you play?
Lee: Right field.

Jon: And last but not least, While reading NIGHT SCHOOL, what would be the perfect beverage to have with it and what time of day would be best?
Lee: Black coffee, of course. Anytime. All the time.