Jess Lourey Signing at Once Upon a Crime


Tonight Jess Lourey played hostess at Minneapolis’s Raven Award winning bookstore Once Upon A Crime. The party she hosted was to promote the latest installment of her fan-favorite Murder By Month series, DECEMBER DREAD.

Arriving just after the event starting time of 7:00, we were very pleased to see the little shop packed with fans. Happy readers waited patiently for Lourey to sign their copies of DREAD, as well as her new self-published young adult book THE TROLLHOUSE TRILLOGY.

Lourey’s signings always seem to have a theme that matches up with the theme of the Murder By Month book being promoted and this one was no different. For DECEMBER DREAD, the theme was “Christmas Comes Early.” With cotton “snow” lining the bookshelves, everyone was enjoying candy canes and an assortment of amazing handmade cake-pops. That’s right. Homemade cake with lolly-pop sticks in them for easy eating. Also, beer.

Jess Lourey knows how to throw a book signing.

Kate, Jess Lourey, and Dan