The sixth TV movie starring Tom Selleck as Robert B. Parker’s alcoholic police chief Jesse Stone aired last night. The second of the series not based on an existing Parker book, No Remorse finds Jesse relieved of his duties as police chief by the Paradise town council, but he still manages to help out his old force as well as State Police Capt. Healy (Stephen McHattie).

The main plot involved seemingly random killings. Speculating on motive with several friends, most notably ex-cop-turned-streetwise counselor Dix (William Devane), Jesse is eventually able to hit on a suspect and motive for the killings. In the fashion of Parker’s books, Jesse proceeds to sweat his main suspect until the suspect is ready to confess.

Like the previous Stone movies, No Remorse has a slow-burning pace seldom seen on TV anymore. All the movies are similar in tone, but unlike weekly episodes, they don’t air often enough to become monotonous, and each movie does push the series arc into new territory. Each movie’s ratings success has made sequels possible.  This one leaves room for a sequel, too, ending with Rose Gammon (Kathy Baker), Suitcase Simpson (Kohl Sudduth), and Jesse all awaiting the town council’s decision on their future.

I’ve avoided spoilers in this brief review, and will go further in-depth when the movie is released on DVD.

–Gerald So