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Jesus of Cool

I spent my birthday gift certificate on CD’s. It was really good timing because one of my all time favorite albums has just been re issued on disc.

Nick Lowe – Jesus of Cool

I originally bought this as an import record way back in the late 70’s. A local radio station played imports on Sunday nights and they played a track called “I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass”, the song hooked me right off and I had to have it.
The rest of the album is great too, and the new version also features bonus tracks including the demo version of “Cruel to be Kind”.
A couple real stand outs on this are Little Hitler and 36 inches High. Great lyrics and a nice new wave pop rock blend backing.

“So It Goes” is also a hypnotic cut and it has a wonderfully cool chorus.

I think this should be a must own for every fan of great music.

I also bought a few other albums.

Joe Jackson’s Rain

CD comes with a bonus DVD with interviews and live performances and a tour of Berlin. Very fun.

The music is great. It’s a bit of a flash back to Night and Day with a little Look Sharp added. Jackson has never stopped growing as a musician and this latest release is amazing. His vocals are spot on and his high notes still give me chills. The fact that he’s playing with a trio really lets the piano stand out and the drums seem a bit more prominent. Uptown Train is a favorite of mine, very jazzy and cool.
If you are fan you really need this.

Ray Davies –
Working Man’s Cafe

I love the Kinks, and as a result I love all their solo stuff too. Ray Davies is a genius of songwriting and this album was written after a tour of the states that started less than two weeks after 9/11. He had to do the tour by car and he really got a good look at our country.
Wonderful tunes and again, a bonus DVD with Ray’s home video from the tour.

Alice Cooper –
Along Came a Spider

Joe Konrath let me know this was out. He said it was great and I agree.
Alice doing another theme album, one long story in songs. This time out it’s about a serial killer.
This album rocks and I love the music. After a couple listens I realized how creepy some of the lyrics are. I can’t stop listening to this and now I want to see him live, again.Classic Alice Cooper.