Jill Thompson at Crimespree Booth at Chicago Comic Con

Jill Thompson will be hanging out at the crimespree booth Friday and Saturday doing sketches and drawing.

Jill has won a bunch of awards, I mean a BUNCH. Most recently adding two more Eisners to the collection.
Back in ’87 she worked on Bill Willingham’s THE ELEMENTALS and a mini series of one of the characters, FATHOM for Comico, she then did some work at First Comics.
In the early nineties she worked on Wonder Woman and then Sandman followed by Black Orchid and The Invisibles. She’s also done work on characters from Sandman, Death and the Endless. She was also in FABLES 1001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL. In there somewhere is also Deadboy Detectives. Another Vertigo title was FINALS with Will Pfeifer.

Jill has also collaborated with Mick Foley on his children’s books for the WWE- ‘Mick Foley’s Halloween Hijinx’ and ‘Tales From Wrescal Lane. (Mick Foley will also be at this convention)

She is now known for her books featuring SCARY GODMOTHER, MAGIC TRIXIE and one of our all time favorites, together with writer Evan Dorkin,  BEASTS OF BURDEN.

 Jill is one of the coolest people we know and in addition to being an amazing artist she also cooks like nobody’s business and is a master gardener. Jill rocks. Come and visit her at our Crimespree Magazine Booth during the Chicago Comic Con Booth #135
You can visit her on Facebook here.