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John Ostrander – Comix 4 sight

I’ve recently been rereading the entire run of Grim Jack published originally by First Comics and now in trade from IDW as The Legend Of Grim Jack. I’m planning an article at some point on the series. One of the creators of Grim Jack is John Ostrander, along with Timothy Truman.
Mr. Ostrander has written some great books over the years and in addition to Spectre and JLA and others along with his wife he was responsible for taking Batgirl Barbabra Gordon from crippled superhero to techno goddess, The Oracle. In other words he has been responsible for a lot of great reading over the years.

As I am in the middle of reading this I was surprised to learn that John Ostrander has been under going a series of operations to save his eyes from glaucoma. Like many comic creators he does not have enough money to cover the cost.
It was a website a saw linked on twitter that filled me in. Comix4sight.com is a place where you can go and donate money to help off set the cost of the medical care he is getting. All extra funds will be funneled into the Hero Initiative, another great cause.

There will also be a charity auction at Wizard World Chicago (Chicago Comic con)

So do a good thing and go to the site and donate what you can.