John Schoenfelder leaves MULHOLLAND Books for Film industry.

Mulholland Books Editor John Schoenfelder will be departing the publishing industry and heading to Tinsletown.

John will be working for Scott Rudin Productions and with the official title of Senior Vice President. It is thought that his main duty will be to find new material for development. He will work directly with Scott and Eli Bush, Rudin’s partner in production.

Rudin’s resume is loaded with films based on books, including NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, JULIE AND JULIA, MONEYBALL and NOBODY’S FOOL. I would imagine this trend will continue with John on board and they will likely be looking to pick up options on titles before they garner buzz and thus cost more.

Mulholland publisher Michael Pietsch regarding John’s departure: “In his two years here John did a brilliant job, giving the division its name, pulling in a slew of exciting and high-profile writers, and, together with Miriam Parker, launching one of the best book websites in the business.  We’ll miss him but be grateful to him too.

John will continue to act as an editor for some of the authors he recruited while at Mulholland. MB is currently in the process of filling the void left by John’s departure.