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Jon and Ruth’ Movie Weekend

Jeremy’s listing will be up a little bit later today.
Ruth and I are following our new tradition of renting a stack of DVD’s after the latest issue goes to the printer. This weekend, six movies, a couple we’ll be buying.

Jeremy loved it, I agree. A great movie that had surprises and was realistic and wonderful. Very human. I will be buying this soon.

A documentary with comedians all talking about one joke. I really did laugh till it hurt. Another to buy.

Another action fick based on a video game I don’t know when this trend started but it strikes me as lazy. The movie is very very similar to Resident Evil. Good action, nice looking monsters, but not worth having on your own shelf.

Surprisingly good horror flick based on a Ray Bradbery writing. Religous overtones, right and wrong, not over the top gore. Very fun and even a bit clever.

WOw. Wortth the hype. Amazing to watch and a loving remake of the original. We’ll be buying.

One to go, can’t remeber the name, some straight to video suspense thing…..

Ok, off to watch the last one and then I’ll come back and put up the wonderful Jeremy’s update.