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Joust…the movie.

Who says Hollywood has run out of ideas?

Cerenzie-Peters Productions has bought the movie rights to Joust. Yes, the video game.
For those of you that never played this game (or any other in an actual arcade), Joust features knights doing battle while riding…ostriches. You battle other knights on ostriches, as well as hungry pterodactyls and nasty lava trolls.

You sort of fly around (In real life, Ostriches, while being very cool, lack the ability to fly) but rather ungracefully.

CP Productions is run by Christine Peters and Michael Cerenzie. Cerenzie is a producer on the upcoming Black Water Transit (adapted from Cartsen Stroud novel of the same name) as well as the upcoming Sidley Lumet film Duets.
Peters was a producer on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates (Which subjected us to the “acting” and non-chemistry of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.) as well as the painfully bad remake of The Out-of-Towners.

I would love to have been in the room when this was pitched. You ride a freakin’ ostrich! There are tons of amazing novels just waiting to be brought to the silver screen and they pick a cheesy 80s video game.

Mario Brothers was made into a movie and look what the result was!
Can Pong: The movie be far behind?