July Trade Reviews

These are some reviews of recent trade releases , more to come soon.

Lately Authority and the other Wildstorm universe books have been in turmoil as the world they live on has gone to Hell and they are trying to fix it. This is a story that takes place before these events and it is classic Authority. Grant Morrison and Keith Giffin are having loads of fun as this group of heroes finds itself stuck on an Earth that drains the powers they need. They also find an Earth where the Authority goes too far and they end up fighting themselves. I enjoyed this cover to cover.

DC Comics

Stephanie Brown is back again, this time she’s become Batgirl. Cassandra is gone and Barbara Gordan is not thrilled. And while Oracle comes to terms with it the new Batman and Robin are less than receptive. It’s a great character study as Stephanie finds her way as a real hero and starts to bond with the original Batgirl.The art by both Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott should not be missed.
DC Comics

Keith Giffin is the latest writer to take on this group of misfit heroes, and for the first time since Grant Morrison wrote them there is a sense of fun and seriousness to the group. I found myself sucked into the story immediately and was wowed by how great this is. The Doomsters are fighting strange foes of course, but also discovering ore of the trickery played on them by the Chief. This collection also includes the darkest night stuff so there is some fun with some past members of the group.  Pick up this book!

DC Comics

Ivan Brandon takes a spin with Nemesis, one of the shadow characters of DC Comics who has worked for various intelligence agencies. This story is a bit like The Prisoner as we see Nemesis trapped with other operatives in a place that is set up to break them down and brain wash them. The result is Tom Tresser never is quite sure what’s real in the Electric City and what isn’t, and the same goes for the reader. but it’s cool because it really adds to the tale. its surreal and weird and fun.
DC Comics

This was a miniseries that ran concurrent with the regular title and its an all out war with the terrorist group Kobra. Kobra is making precision strikes with a clear objective and they are using disposable members to create diversions. It’s all the JSA can do to keep up and with Checkmate breathing down their necks they need to move fast. Eric Trautmann does a great job with these characters and I love Love Love the artwork by Don Kramer.

Marvel Comics

Gregg Hurwitz is one of my favorite novelists. When he started writing comics I was intrigued. I loved his Punisher and Wolverine. When I heard he was picking up Moon Knight I was curious. I enjoyed the Charlie Huston run, but stopped reading when he left the book. Moon Knight is a great character but the wrong writer really can mess things up. Hurwitz is coming in as Moon Knight decides to come back to New York and be a hero again, and it really works. We get a nice look at what makes Mark Spector tick with out getting too much back story that just clutters up good action. And there is plenty of good action. Art by Jerome Opena makes this book an overall ten.


Gail Simone is one of the best writers in comics today, hands down. Every page of this book shows how much she enjoys writing these characters. The six take on a job that turns out to be real bad news and puts them up against Wonder Woman. The group also go back and forth debating  sticking with the job or supporting each other. Once again it’s all about characters and nobody does character depth the way Gail Simone does. Awesome book.


I couldn’t tell you how many different writers have touched the X-Men over the years, but I enjoy Mike Carey’s take on the band of mutants.  Having secured their island, Magneto’s former satellite now of the coast of California, the latest threat to rear it’s head is EMPLATE, brother of Monet. He sucks the energies out of mutants to survive and can travel between dimensions. loads of action and I like what Carey does with the characters. Daniel Acuna on art is a treat for the eyes.