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Just say no: McG looking to create goofy P.I. series for ABC.

From Entertainment Weekly:
McG and Prison Break creator Paul T. Scheuring are developing I, PI – an hour-long drama about a private investigator who learned everything he knows about his chosen profession from favorite childhood shows like Magnum, P.I. and Simon & Simon, and subconsciously emulates the TV sleuths on the job – for ABC.

Well shit, where do I begin?

It sounds like something that was inspired by the relative success of CASTLE and PSYCH. The problem is that both of those shows have had the fortune of having very strong performances by the leads and are better than they should be.

McG being involved does nothing for me. Actually, it does less than nothing and has me more skeptical than the lame concept would by itself. CHARLIE’S ANGELS, TERMINATOR SALVATION, THE OC…do any of these make you think Mr. G has skills? Granted, he is an exec producer of CHUCK, but he also exec produced THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS PRESNT: GIRLICIOUS.

Why is it we get gritty police shows, but most P.I. shows are soft-boiled at best? I liked MAGNUM P.I. (most of the time), but the best moments were when the show turned up the intensity and downplayed the humor. SIMON AND SIMON as an influence? No thank you.

Am I the only one that would LOVE a good medium to hard-boiled series?