Justice League of America #1
A bold new era! Or something like it. This week we get the launch of a new Justice League book, one with a more focused mission. A darker team. It’s been hyped to the tails, can it live up to that hype?
People really responded to the very random assortment of cast members when it was released.Mainstays like Hawkman and Green Arrow to new visions like Katana and Vibe, to newbies such as Stargirl and Green Lantern Baz. What possibly could bring these characters together? Turns out it’s the American Government. Amanda Waller (who, I’m sorry, is just not as formidable since they made her skinny) and Steve Trevor gather counterpoints to the Justice League, for the event when they will have to have an epic battle and take them down. The team is a fun group and will have much delicious drama, unfortunately  we don’t get to see any of that. This issue 1 reads more like a issue zero. It’s mostly talking heads (Waller and Trevor, predominantly) discussing, and a bit of gathering, their team. The story isn’t without merit, as many of the reasons for people joining the outfit is blackmail or secrets revealed. It sets up many many storylines to come. But I would have enjoyed to actually see the team together. At this rate they won’t be formed by issue three. The idea isn’t new but it is intriguing. I’m very curious to see where it ill go. Especially with characters that dont seem to fit in. Like his new portrayal of Stargirl. Think of her as the Hanna Montanna of super heroes. She’s an idol to millions of girls. And putting her with this group of dark assassins and, frankly, jerks, will be interesting to see play out. Johns strongest suit has always been character development so that’ll be the biggest selling point of this series.

The art is adequate. There’s something off about Finch’s work in this book. It seems rushed and i hope he gets a chance to take his time. He’s not for everyone but I know he has better in him. JLA will be a huge book and will only get better. But hopefully they will put more into single issues so it’s not just a trade read.